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Client Testimonials


My students had the opportunity to participate in the Soccer STEM program. I have spent two years with most of these students and this experience was the first time I have seen them truly invested and engaged in the learning process. My classroom became student centered, where they were controlling the discussions, and inquiry that followed the modules, not me.

Haley Mercy

Mesquite Junior High School


STEM Sports Curriculum is fun and easy to use. The students make connections between sports and academics with a high level of engagement. The teachers are confident that using the STEM Sports curriculum is valuable as all activities are connected to standards.

Alicia Majercin

Pueblo Elementary School


STEM Sports® uses sports for real-world application, strengthens 21st Century skills, and integrates the Engineering Design Process with its curriculum. This Accredited™ Educational Experience accomplishment will serve as an inspiration to others who aspire to be the best and reaffirms your ability to captivate those who value STEM in their communities.

Andrew Raupp

founder and executive director of


I love the design of the entire STEM Multi-Sport K-2 curriculum and the instructions are incredibly detailed which would allow almost anyone to pick up the curriculum and use it. Amazing! I also think having the option in some modules to have two shorter sessions or one longer session is a great idea, because depending on the class and the day it could all be up in the air. Lastly, integrating STEM with physical activity is such a great idea and will have a meaningful impact on so many young students.

Julie Fine

Kindergarten Teacher


The students had an amazing time and were still talking about the STEM Basketball program as they exited campus! You are allowing students to experience excitement in learning, and it is so encouraging! Thanks again!

Amy Rosengren

6th Grade Science Teacher


Our eighth-grade Chief Science Officer jumped at the opportunity to bring the curriculum to the students at Villa De Paz Elementary School. We honed in on fourth-grade students and had an overwhelming response. The curriculum is so much fun! The fourth-grade students absolutely love it. They are practicing STEM without even knowing it!

Kelly Petross



The STEM Sports programs make a great connection for the kids. You can tell students about addition or subtraction but once you start giving them something they can attach to, that they care about, like sports, then they really get into it.

Matthew Poland



I hosted two basketball/STEM camps this summer and used most of the kit with a couple of additions!   I loved it! The kids loved it.  We did STEM in the morning, ate lunch and then played basketball all afternoon! It was my favorite STEM camp! Addressed the “whole” child…mentally and physically!!

Joy Schwartz


The creation of the BMX STEM program was one of the best things we have ever done in my time at USA BMX. We look forward to continuing success of this program, as well as the development of additional education offerings in the future.

B.A. Anderson

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What We Provide

Content for a minimum of 16 hours of instruction that includes some healthy, physical activity.

Turnkey kits come equipped with all of the relevant sports equipment along with the necessary science supplies.

Each curriculum has eight lessons aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and/or Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and/or National Standards for K-12 Physical Education.

Through our 5E lesson plans, students will develop 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creative problem solving, and leadership.

Each module has a list of STEM-based, sports-related jobs pertinent to the lesson concept

Differentiation: lessons for Kindergarten to 2nd graders, 3rd to 5th graders and lessons for 6th to 8th graders.
“Capstone” Project (6th to 8th) to commensurate student’s knowledge of each curriculum.

Who We Are

The STEM Sports® team is committed to the educational enrichment of our youth. Through creative and strategic education and the fun of sports, students are engaged on entirely new levels and we cultivate participant’s STEM literacy, engagement, and retention.

Our Mission

STEM Sports® is dedicated to combining
scientific learning and sports to help students
develop critical thinking, collaboration, and
creative problem-solving skills that can be
useful throughout their lives and be applied
not only to future occupations and jobs but
for real-life everyday situations.


Of the 20 fastest-growing careers require a background in math or science
Out of 100 STEM jobs pay above the national average
Percent of all professions are expected to require STEM skills in the next decade
Percent increase in STEM-related jobs as compared to 9.8% in other professions

Frequently Asked Questions

All STEM Sports® curriculum kits are designed for repeated use and can serve hundreds of students. Within each classroom, after-school program or camp setting, implementation for one student up to 30+ is possible per module. Or, two modules can be implemented simultaneously. There are lots of variables to consider and our curricula is well designed for expandability and scalability.

All of the supplies in the kit are non-perishable and are designed to last for several years. Some supplied items, such as 500 rubber bands and/or 1,000 craft sticks may have to be replaced over time.

Because all STEM Sports® programs are aligned with all or either of the following standards: Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core State Standards and National Standards for K-12 Physical Education, our supplemental curriculum is a perfect fit for public, private or charter schools classrooms. Then and because of the curricula’s standardization, the modules are a great fit for after-school programs as well as camp settings.

Our 5E lesson plans make teaching modules easier and students will be more willing to learn. Why? Because the way our STEM Sports® activities are set up, the sequence of lesson is well established, concepts and objectives are thoroughly scoped and the majority of students love sports and will view the learning as play. Then, students will develop 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creative problem-solving, and leadership. So back to who is best to teach or administer STEM Sports® curricula? Everyone from science and STEM teachers, to PE teachers, sports coaches, volunteers and even the students the curricula is designed for. The 21st century skills we engrain with students are the same skills that they can utilize to help their fellow students.

Once a Purchase Order or Payment is received, kits will arrive in five (5) business days.

Acceptable payment methods include purchase order, check, and credit card.

Yes, request a curriculum sample by emailing

Need Help or Have Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us and someone
from our support team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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